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Propecia tablets (finasteride 1mg) is a drug that is used against the hormonally induced hair loss in men. The main active ingredient is finasteride 1mg, but it is produced in a modified, so the product has received the additional generic drugs. Finasteride belongs to the so-called 5 a reductase inhibitors. To prevent large amounts of the male sex hormone testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone. The latter is in fact responsible for the latest scientific findings that the growth phase of hair follicles is reduced.

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Buy Propecia tablets

Already the buying of Propecia tablets has yet to be begun at a time when the still sufficiently active hair follicles are present. Regeneration of the same or a new formation is not achieved with the active ingredient Finasteride. It also means taking that to the man in order to counteract the hormone-induced premature hair loss, over the drug may have a very long period of time. Thus, not only the hair loss is brought to a standstill, but also a condensation of the remaining hair can be achieved. However, one must be patient, because success is visible only after several months of therapy observed.

If you buy Propecia tablets online, you should consider that a cure should last for at least 12 months. Otherwise, you should not buy Propecia tablets. Who operates actively in sports competitions, should know that the active ingredient in Propecia tablets from the World Anti-Doping Agency has been classified as prohibited. He does not belong to the self-enhancing drugs, with which you can have a direct impact on the performance of the body makes, however, that such substances can be detected much more difficult. The latest example of how hard it is for the detection of the drug finasteride in competitive athletes, it was at the 2008 Paralympics, where a basketball player was locked in a wheelchair sitting. In dealing with the drug finasteride 1mg extreme caution in pregnant women is warranted.

This is true even when blood donations that says about men who are treated with Propecia tablets, may not be made to pregnant women. A pregnant women should not have sex with a men that takes Propecia tablets. The reason is, that the concentrations present in the semen is enough, in order to harm a male fetus. In general, women and even children keep their distance to the active ingredient finasteride. Contraindicated as well as an increased tendency applies to frequent urinatio.

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A side effect of Propecia tablets is the impotence, but after discontinuation of the drug it disappeared very quickly. Curiously, one of the side effects that other body hair becomes thinner and sparser. A further beach border is a fact that can shrink the prostatet. Who among his "receding hairline" suffers, who will be disappointed because there was no extensive studies into the effect could be detected.

Now buy Propecia tablets from with a drug concentration of 1mg of finasteride. Available pack sizes are between 30 pills and 90 pills. It is worthwhile in every respect, equal to order a larger supply of it just to save money.

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